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HomelatestIndian Government to setup Urine Banks?

Indian Government to setup Urine Banks?

Indian Government to setup Urine Banks?

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Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that the government is taking up a pilot project to look for organic alternatives for Nitrogen. ‘We have discovered various organic substitutes for Potassium and Phosphorous. The next step is to discover a suitable organic substitute for Nitrogen,’ said the minister.

‘The farmers are expected to collect undiluted urine in 10-liter cans and hand them over to the officials. The farmers will be paid Re. 1/liter of urine,’ said the Minister.

He also added that ‘Human urine consists a lot of nitrogen. If the urine is distilled, it can be used as a soluble organic fertilizer. We working towards minimizing the import of urea. The initial lab tests on this project will be carried out in Dhapewada Village near Nagpur.’Indian Government to setup Urine Banks

Talking about the viability of the ‘Urine Banks’ project, Nitin Gadkari said that ‘I am not sure about the economics and feasibility of the project. The idea is still in the initial stage. We are working in collaboration with the Swedish scientists,’ added the Cabinet Minister.

The minister recently announced that 10 crore trees will be planted on the river banks from Haridwar to Kolkata under the Ganga Tree Plantation Program.

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