‘Avengers – Infinity War’ Openings In India Shocking!

Infinity War Openings In India Shocking

Infinity War Openings In India Shocking

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Marvel Studios latest presentation, ‘Avengers – Infinity War’ had a grand release in India. Releasing in over 2000 theatres, the movie not only shocked the trade experts in India but also in Hollywood. The superheroes action entertainer has received a 4-star review rating by film critics all around the globe.

The movie revolves around the villain Thanos who aims to take charge of the entire world. Going against are the Marvel superheroes Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and other classic characters. It is already known that all these superheroes work together to destroy the evil, and save the world.

According to critics, action scenes of each hero deserve a special mention. ‘The climax of the movie is absolutely mind-blowing. All this while Hollywood is just known for its realistic CGI and effects. But in this movie, you will emotionally get connected to each and every character.

The scenes involving Thor building his weapon, and the way Black Panther’s team is shown on the silver screen is incredible’, said a film critic.What’s more shocking is that the weekend tickets for the movie are already sold out, and many theatres are coming forward to present the movie.

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