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Intelligent Review

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Movie Name: Intelligent
Actors: Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde
Director: V. V. Vinayak
Story Writer: Akula Shiva
Music Director: S. Thaman
Cinematography: S. V. Vishweshwar
Editor: Gowtham Raju
Producer: Ck Entertainments

Sai Dharam Tej is one hero, despite seeing back-to-back flops, is still managing to hold mass fan following. He comes up as ‘Intelligent’ this time. VV Vinayak, who directed ‘Khaidi No.150’ the landmark 150th film of Megastar, directed ‘Intelligent’. Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead opposite to Sai Dharam Tej. Did Sai Dharam Tej impress the audience with ‘Intelligent’? Let’s see!


Teju (Sai Dharam Tej) is a software engineer working for an IT firm headed by Nassar. He is a sincere and honest employee and is lauded by everyone in his office. Similarly, even Nassar is a kind-hearted person and takes care of orphan children. It is at this time, a corporate mafia gang tries to overtake Nassar Company. Shockingly, Nassar transfers the company to the mafia gang and commits suicide.

To solve the mystery behind the death of Nassar, and the corporate mafia gang, Teju comes up with a new avatar; Dharma Bhai. Why are the corporate mafia gang behind Nassar’s Company? What forced Nassar to commit suicide? Did Teju as Dharma Bhai succeed in his mission? To know the answers, watch the movie on the silver screen.


On watching the film, you might end up feeling like the movie has been directed by a debutante. The movie is a big letdown on all fronts. It is hard to believe that, VV Vinayak who directed Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi No. 150’ came up with such this kind of movie. What’s more shocking is that, VV Vinayak who is known for his out-and-out commercial hits, choosing this kind of run-of-the-mill storyline for Sai Dharam Tej who is currently struggling. The narration and screenplay hardly impress the audience.

The sentimental scenes are hardly engaging. Given the dull and boring narration, the heroism takes back seat. Action sequences are by far the only face-off for the director. Comedy, which plays a vital role in VV Vinayak’s film, failed to its best. Except for a couple of scenes from Sapthagiri and Prudhvi, there is no scope for laughs. Brahmanandam is utterly wasted. 

Just like in any other commercial film, the heroine, Lavanya Tripathi is only meant for her glamour show more than anything else.

Sai Dharam Tej does justice to his role as usual. His dance moves impress, while his fond imitation of Chiranjeevi might irritate at times.

The production values from CK productions match nowhere to the current standards. Music from SS Thaman, who seems to be in a good rhythm in recent times, is a clear letdown. Except for the remix of ‘Chamaku Chamaku Cham…’ and ‘Na Cell Phone’, the other two songs are just mere fillers. ‘Na Cell Phone’ is a lift-off from Backstreet Boys, ‘Everybody’. The cinematography is on par.

Plus Points:

  • Two Songs
  • Two comedy scenes
  • Lavanya Tripathi glamour


  • Excluding plus points, everything

Telugu Bullet Punchline: If you are intelligent, you will surely skip ‘Intelligent’.

Rating: 1.25/5

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