Is TRS considering Janasenani’s hints for an ally?

Is TRS considering Janasenani’s hints for an ally


Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who slammed TRS and its Chief on the formation day of his party in 2014 has changed his mind. He is all praises on the Telangana CM and his family lately which is hinting us his interest on joining hands with TRS in the newest state.

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who slammed TRS
Any political lover can see Pawan Kalyan’s special interest in TRS these days. Right from meeting the Telangana CM this year for a movie purpose to the latest positive feedback, Janasenani is showcasing his positivity towards TRS. Pawan openly praised KCR’s ruling in many interviews and declared that if not for KCR, the two Telugu States would have been in war by now. The other day, Pawan compared Lokesh with KTR and declared that the latter has all the qualities to become a Minister. Looking at all these developments, one gets a feel that Pawan is sending feelers to the TRS camp for forming a possible tie-up in Telangana. But the million dollars question is will KCR accept these hints and move along with Janasenani or not.

TRS Chief KCR who is quite confident on winning the 2019 elections all by alone declared that he is not going to have alliances with any party prior to the elections. However, if Pawan keeps the options open, KCR can use Pawan as a trump card to get the votes of AP settlers in Telangana and to divide the Congress votes. Anything may happen in the Political ground and let us expect the unexpected.

Pawan compared Lokesh with KTR


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