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It Is So Weird Thing VD…!

Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming movie Nota is getting ready to come on October 5th. Its teaser and trailer showed it as a powerful Action Political Drama. So, we can expect the either U/A or A certificate from Censor Board. But, unexpectedly the Tamil Cinema censor board has given U certificate for Nota Tamil version. Really, this is a very strange thing, right..! So, Vijay Deverakonda, director Anand Shakar, and fans are eagerly waiting for Nota Telugu version report. In the wake of this Vijay Deverakonda and his director, Anand has responded on it. Moreover, fans also didn’t expect it and comments are poured about it on twitter.

Actually, we will wait for the movie and then, can come to know the Censor report whether right or wrong. Especially, in a political drama, the violent things are existed as usually. But, here the censor board report is different from it. If Telugu Censor board also give the same one, then that is the time to think about the film. In the past, Rana Daggubati’s political drama Leader also got U certificate that time. Actually, there was no such violent thing in the movie. But, in the Nota, according to the teaser and trailer, there will be some violent things. Whatever, waiting for the Telugu Censor board report.


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