Monday, October 3, 2022
HomelatestSabarimala’s Head Priest Opposes SC Verdict

Sabarimala’s Head Priest Opposes SC Verdict

The Supreme Court of India yesterday passed a groundbreaking verdict of Sabarimala Temple issue. It declared that the women of all ages can enter the Temple without any hesitation thereby having a checkmate to the gender bias.

Sabarimala temple verdict highlights
None other than the Temple’s head priest Kantaru Rajeevaru stated this verdict is rather a ridiculous one. He opined that the women who have active menstrual cycle should not enter the Temple as it causes harm to them. Terming the Apex Court’s five Judge bench as a bad sign for the Hindu culture, Kantaru felt that this new rule will only do bad for the mankind. The Ayyappa Dharma Sena President Rahul Eshwar has declared that he will challenge the verdict of SC with a counter review petition.

Sabarimala Ladies
In the five Judge bench, four of them favoured the women entry into the Temple and only one Judge which is interestingly a woman opposed this. According to her, such things regarding Temples shall be better left to the religious leaders as they know better than anyone. A huge uproar came across the country with SC’s final judgement. However, some of the netizens and the women activists cheered up to hear this news from the top court of India.

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