Jagan’s Package: 50 Crores For An MLA Ticket?


The Nellore Zilla Parishad Chairman Bommireddy revealed shocking facts regarding YSRCP’s ticket rates and details. A look at his recent press meet declares groundbreaking things about YS Jagan.Bommireddy who served the Jagan party for much time finally bid adios with rather a frustration. With an aspiration to become an MLA, he went to the YSRCP Supreme Jagan and asked him for a party ticket. He was said that the ticket rates have crossed 10 and 10 crores already so he needs to spend more amount to get an MLA seat.

Bommireddy claimed that his ex-head demanded 50 crores

Bommireddy claimed that his ex-head demanded 50 crores for allocating a seat. Not stopping there, Jagan confessed that the Anam family spent the same amount to get their seats.This is not the first time YSRCP was accused of demanding high tickets. As stated in the past article regarding Jagan’s importance to fundraisers than the real leaders, Bommireddy foretold the future of YSRCP is getting shattered by Jagan’s senseless planning.


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