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HomelatestJagan And YSRCP Caught Lying!

Jagan And YSRCP Caught Lying!

Jagan And YSRCP Caught Lying!

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Don’t know whether it’s the heat of the recent political scenario or the greed to win the 2019 elections at any cost, Jagan and YSRCP are drawing criticism by their nonsensical acts. While Jagan got into a controversy after ignoring to sign the ‘declaration form’ in TTD, Tirumala, the YSRCP is being trolled on the social media for all bad reasons.

The prestigious Paadhayathra taken up by Jagan to win the 2019 elections, is indeed turning against him. After a brief analysis that was carried out by few enthusiasts, social media started terming ‘YSRCP and Jagan’ as Liars and blamed them for portraying false numbers regarding the Padayatra.

YSRCP leaders claimed that Jagan would cover a distance of 3000 km on foot in his Padayatra. He was expected to walk 6 days/week and later to 4 days/week.

On the way, Jagan will be also addressing road shows, rallies and other meetings with the local leaders. Taking the above into consideration, Jagan can hardly walk around 15 km in a day, and 60 km in a week. For a period of 6 months, Jagan can cover 1440 km at the above-mentioned pace. Even if 6 days on foot are taken into consideration, it would still be 2160 km. Hence, the claim of 3000 km as a Padayatra seems highly impossible and false.

This is exactly the same reason why Jagan and Co. are being trolled and burnt on online by the netizens. Few intellectuals questioned that, ‘If Jagan and Co. keep lying about their own programs being in opposition, what they would when they form the government?’

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