Jagan Bending To The Pressure of Elections?


Hardly two weeks in hand for the completion of MLA applicants in Andhra Pradesh, all the Political parties are rushing to finalize their candidates. More than anyone, the Opposition party is facing unexpected troubles in the final stage of campaigning.

Going into the details, YSRCP president Jagan is accepting all the leaders and promising them either MLA or MP tickets to the newbies of the party. Most of them are from the TDP and these leaders entered YSRCP expecting a ticket at any cost. As the election notification was out. Jagan is now counting stars to fix the candidates for the constituencies. If he gives the newbies a ticket, then the existing leaders would protest against him. If he fails to give the defected ex TDP leaders like Ravindra Babu, Dasari Jai Ramesh, and others, they would go back to TDP and it would be a huge headache for Jagan letting them go with all the party strategies in the last minute. More or less, Jagan is said to be landed in a soup regarding the elections.

Also in this juncture, It is speculated that YSRCP is looking forward to having either prepoll or post-poll alliance with Janasena only to restrict TDP to the Opposition end. Political experts state that Jagan’s inexperience and power mongering nature is now hitting back at him when it comes to satisfying his party leaders.


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