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HomelatestJagan’s Brilliant Step Created Tremors In Yellow Fortress:

Jagan’s Brilliant Step Created Tremors In Yellow Fortress:

Jagan Brilliant Step For Yellow Fortress

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The YSRCP’s Chief Jagan has said to be in his best form in his entire Political career. Right from No Confidence Motion to recent announcement on Krishna District name, every step of his is irking TDP camp to the core.In his recent tour in Krishna District, he shell-shocked the natives of Nimmakuru District by declaring that he would rename Krishna District as NTR district. Not stopping there, Jagan pledged to develop NTR native place on par with any developed town or city. These new developments of Jagan fetched him instant fame and support such that the fans of TDP are interested in Jagan than CBN.

If this is the case with a single announcement, YSRCP followers reveal that there are much more to go in the upcoming days. Sources close to TDP state that the entire cadre is feeling pressure with Jagan’s strategies. Some are in a feeling that being in the same party of NTR, why didn’t they get such ideas like Jagan. Political analysts speculate that some of the TDP members who are dissatisfied with CBN’s ruling are thinking if changing loyalties. Also, continuous protest from Opposition parties regarding Special Status and CBN’s failure in getting it is tensing many TDP leaders.

In this dire situation, Pawan Kalyan’s support will make a huge difference to TDP. He is already against TDP. If he chooses to fight alone or support YSRCP, the TDP will not even get the deposits in all the constituencies. For now, Jagan said to be grabbing all the limelight from TDP with his unique strategies and plans. Now normal voters are more enthusiastic over Jagan’s future revelations. Like his father who lived to his promises in his Padha Yatra, people are opening that Jagan will also make his promises true if he gets to the power. The Praja Sankalpa Yatra has finally become hit and still, there is a huge way to go.

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