Jagan Ending His Sankalpa Padha Yatra In Devotional Style

Jagan Ending His Sankalpa Padha Yatra In Devotional Style

The Opposition leader YS Jagan is nearing the end mile of his most hyped Praja Sankalpa Padha Yatra in Uttarandhra. Post the completion of this longest walkathon, this leader is going to copy his father to continue the legacy.

Going into the details, YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy is all set to complete his Padha Yatra on January’s 8th to 9th. In Ichapuram, he will be completing the mind-boggling 2500 kilometers of walk on foot like never before in the history of Telugu Politics. His father late Rajasekhar Reddy too had this marathon of 1500 kilometers and he won the Power after doing this. Now his son Jagan too hopes to become the CM of AP in 2019’s General Elections. After reaching Ichapuram, Jagan will head back to the city of Tirupathi and from there, he will reach Alipiri to get Tirumala on foot again. Jagan wants to copy the sentiment of YSR who did exactly the same when he completed his Padha Yatra back in 2009. Thus Jagan becomes the only Politician in the two Telugu States who walked for 2500 kilometers and covered 150+ constituencies.

This stupendous achievement is speculated to be celebrated by all the bigwigs of YSRCP in Ichapuram at the end of Jagan’s walkathon. Also, a huge Public event will be planned to address YSRCP Supporters to bring the election fever among the voters.


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