#BangaramSaysSS Decoded Finally For The Movie Lovers

poojaprasad hashtag on Twitter

From the last couple of days, the trend of # BangaramSaysSS has been trending top on the Twitter as far as India is concerned. For those who are confused with this trending tag, analysts are here to decode this happening tweets on Twitter.

We can see the mega daughter in law Upasana Ram Charan is tweeting the pictures of her husband Mr. C from the event of SS Karthikeya’s marriage. For every picture of Charan from this venue, she is using the tag BangaramSaysSS. After a deep dwell into this viral trend, we came to know that Bangaram is actually the pet name of the bride whom the bride SS Karthikeya is going to get married. In reverse, the bride calls Karthikeya as SS instead of his full name. This trend is now tagged by all the celebrities who are attending the marriage ceremony of Rajamouli’s one and only son Karthikeya in Jaipur. Meanwhile, the pictures and video snippets of heroes like Charan, NTR Jr, Rana, Prabhas are getting leaked leaving their fans in joy mode. Seems all the close buddies of Rajamouli are having a happy time in this marriage.

Rajamouli and his whole family are going to stay at Jaipur for the following couple of days to complete the entire marriage ceremony process in Hindu tradition. After a gap of two weeks, this visionary director will commence the second schedule of RRR.


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