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HomelatestJagan’s Master Plan To Counter CBN: Mass MLAs Resignations

Jagan’s Master Plan To Counter CBN: Mass MLAs Resignations

Jagan Master Plan To Counter CBN

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The YSRCP Supreme Jagan has suddenly got the much-needed momentum after all these years. He has been perfectly implementing his strategy to completely demolish the Yellow fortress brick by brick.It all started when he made his MPs to introduce the bill of No Confidence Motion. Later TDP copied it with by passing the same bill and lost their charm. Even though YSRCP failed to get the credit for that, it implemented its second step of MP’s resignations and fasting.

This act has gained some attention in the National media which apparently put some pressure on TDP’s camp. Not in a mood to counter YSRCP, TDP is counting stars to gain people’s trust. But the crucial update from YSRCP batch is going to leave TDP in vain for their unique strategy.Jagan who is in Praja Sankalpa Yatra is extending his tour two more weeks to announce his most hyped third step. He is going to make his 40 MLAs to resign at once like Mass resignations which will have a huge impact on the current Politics.

This will make TDP restless in order to win over them in this Special Category race. This step will also make a huge difference in the upcoming General elections which will be commenced anytime between September of this year to 2019’s April. Jagan is cleverly utilizing all the resources he has to dethrone Babu at any cost. On the other hand, the TDP Chief is not in a mood to fight for Special Status. Instead, he is concentrating on methods to gain power again in 2019.

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