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Small Actress’s U-turn On Pawan Kalyan:

Kala Shruti Made Some Allegations On Pawan Kalyan

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No one has a clue what is actually happening with Telugu lands. On one side, the entire state of AP is boiling with protests for the Special Status, the city of Hyderabad is completely filled with the nonsensical protests of some unknown actresses and their so-called casting couch problems.

Each and every TV viewer has fed up with a couple of TV Channels which are covering this so-called a couple of small actresses who claim they have been cheated by some Tollywood biggies. Instead of approaching Police and Courts, they are using some TV Channels which race for the TRPs. initially, everyone ignored but day by day, this has been growing bigger and bigger such that some netizens are fuming on these small actresses despite their problems. More than their cheap allegations without proofs, they are targeting one name that is Power Star Pawan Kalyan, the so-called soft target to achieve fame in the media. After Kathi Mahesh and Sri Reddy, another unknown actress named Kala Sruthi made some allegations on Pawan the other day.

She took the mike and declared that Pawan gets Bengali girls to have massage frequently. Within 24 hours, she changed her colors and showed up to press today only to apologize the Janasenani and to his fans. In her apology statement, she claimed that she crossed the limits in anger and attacked Pawan personally. So she is issuing an unconditional apology to Pawan and declared him as People’s leader. This kind of cheap tactics only reverts back to them.

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