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HomelatestJagan, Roja as TDP Star Campaigners

Jagan, Roja as TDP Star Campaigners

Jagan, Roja as TDP Star Campaigners

With the defeat of YCP, Nandyala sub election polls came to an end. The party leaders were highly disappointed with the defeat in Nandyal elections. TDP leaders were in party mood after watching the election result. However, Chandrababu and the party leaders are credited with the victory in elections. More than that Jagan and Roja are been credited to get TDP high majority with their speeches. Chandranmohan Reddy, who stayed there for supervision of Nandyal sub elections also spoke about Rojas speech.

He said that TDP would win easily if the two leaders campaign the whole state. The leaders hope that TDP star campaigners are Jagan and Roja for 2019 elections. YCP leaders took this statement seriously that people hate YCP because of Roja and Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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