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HomelatestIts Tough To win 2019 Elections

Its Tough To win 2019 Elections

It’s Tough To win 2019 Elections

Its Tough To win 2019 Elections: Jagan can’t able to get the victory even after his fight. YCP has lowered from the starting of the counting in Nandyal elections. TDP domination from the first round of counting is seen clearly. Moreover, TDP candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy got the majority of votes from the beginning itself. One of the senior leaders of YCP declared that if YCP is defeated in Nandyal elections it becomes tough to win 2019 elections.

TDP is not popular in the Nandyal assembly constituency if the history is verified. There is a disadvantage to TDP even with the social critics in Nandyal. The people have no belief in Chandrababu’s government yet they believed and got the victory with a high majority. Finally,  YCP leader says that it’s impossible to win 2019 elections if does not win in Nandyala.

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