Monday, February 6, 2023
HomelatestCPM Ended Up Alone For Trusting Janasena In Telangana

CPM Ended Up Alone For Trusting Janasena In Telangana

The communist party CPM is in a state of confusion not knowing his next step in Telangana Politics. Trusting the Janasena Party proved expensive for this left party in big time.CPM expressed its interest to work along with Janasena party right from the beginning. As their bonding grew deeper with the Janasenani, the party became confident in winning at least 3-5 seats in Telangana with the help of Pawan Kalyan.


To their shock, Pawan who planned to contest in 25 seats in Telangana withdrew from the snap polls as per the advice of senior leaders and well-wishers. At the same time, CPM’s friends CPI and TJS parties joined Mahakutami leaving CPM high and dry. Now it neither can join Mahakumati according to its principles nor go alone as it can’t even get the deposits in Telangana.Meanwhile, these red parties are more than willing to be a part of the Political fight in AP with Pawan Kalyan. Even though it is not official, CPI and CPM will be joining hands with Janasena in Andhra Pradesh’s general elections in 2019.

Janasenani Left Telangana

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