Janasainikas Want Mega Heros To Bat For Janasena

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is restlessly campaigning along with his brother Nagababu in West Godavari district. His ardent followers who are quite sad to see their leader sweating out every day is demanding other mega heroes to take part in campaigning only to give some rest for their Supreme.

Unlike the times where Pawan Kalyan parted his Political ways from his brother Chiranjeevi’s Congress, now all the mega heroes who split themselves among Chiru and Pawan Politically now came under one roof. Right from Chiranjeevi to Sai Dharam Tej, all are extending their support to Janasena unofficially. Charan and Allu Arjun went a step further and promoted Janasena along with its symbol glass in their Public events proving their love towards Pawan Kalyan and his Political aspirations. When all these mega heroes are ever ready to campaign for Janasena, the Supreme Pawan Kalyan is not even talking the help of his own brother Chiru who can pull millions of fans to the roads. Now Janasainikas ask Pawan Kalyan to bring in young mega heroes to campaign for some areas so that Pawan Kalyan can decrease his work and pace.

However, the close aids of Pawan Kalyan state that Pawan Kalyan is a man who hates to bring his family into the politics and he himself debated against such idea already in the past. The only exception is Naga Babu as the latter was chosen to be contesting as an MP from Narasapuram. A loyal fan declares that Pawan Kalyan himself is the best star campaigner in the two Telugu States and he needs no one’s help.


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