Tuesday, May 17, 2022
HomelatestWill Janasena Contest In T-Assembly Elections?

Will Janasena Contest In T-Assembly Elections?

The actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan who floated the party Janasena is participating in different tours in A.P to interact with the people directly and know their problems. Janasena has its followers and cadre both in Andhra and Telangana regions. But the million dollar doubt is whether Janasena will contest in the upcoming elections or not.As we dig deep, earlier Pawan Kalyan has instructed all his janasainiks to get prepared for the general elections in Telangana as well.

Pawan Kalyan has instructed all his janasainiksBut there is no single word regarding this since KCR has dissolved the assembly. If we observe carefully Pawan has openly appreciated KCR a couple of times for his innovative ways of developing the state and even met him once to discuss on how he managed to develop certain things.This clearly shows that Janasena will not join hands to cash the anti-government votes. As there is no vacuum in the governance of the state, the political analysts suggest Janasenani to stay away from elections for this time.

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