Sunday, December 4, 2022
HomelatestJanasena Is The Only Choice For The Red Parties

Janasena Is The Only Choice For The Red Parties

The two left parties CPI and CPM are fighting restlessly despite ups and downs for their existence in the two Telugu States. This time, they are hoping big on Janasena to expand their base and vote bank in the State of Andhra Pradesh.The Janasena party’s secretary Madasu Gangadharam in his latest press conference stated that the parties CPI and CPM have held a discussion with Janasena. Gangadharam said that the left parties want to join hands with Janasena in both the Telugu states for the upcoming elections.The two left parties CPI and CPM The secretary declared that a final call will be taken in the upcoming days as his head Pawan Kalyan is showcasing his interest in forming the alliance with the left parties. However, he claimed that we cannot guarantee the alliance for now as the final decision will be taken by their Supreme. Pawan Kalyan who had grown up in the ambience of left parties have relations with many senior most communists of the Telugu lands including his passed away father. Also, Janasena’s principles match with most of the Communism. So a possible alliance is expected with the upcoming days.janasena partyOn the other hand, CPI and CPM which have some strength in Godavari regions and in Uttarandhra are keen on increasing their party’s wings with their new friend Janasena. Political analysts, however, state complete opposite of this alliance. They claim the bad omen of left parties in AP. whenever CPI and CPM support a political party, it won’t gain power and the past history of AP Politics mirror the same. Let us wait and see if Pawan Kalyan can destroy this omen or not.

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