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HomelatestJanasena Releases Its Party’s First Magazine Shatagni

Janasena Releases Its Party’s First Magazine Shatagni

The Janasena Chief is showcasing what he can do with a young and enthusiastic team in his hands. He releases the party’s first ever party’s Political printed outfit Shatagni exclusively for the voters.Observing the rise and fall of his brother’s party PRP, Pawan Kalyan is taking it slow and steady when it comes to his own party Janasena. After launching the party, it took four years to build his basement and now he has started touring entire AP to select candidates and to write manifestos for each constituency.

Janasena Chief

Even though his fans trend each and every news across social media like Youtube, some enthusiastic followers of his complaint about a proper media to know the developments of Janasena. For that, one of the associates of Pawan bought 99TV and they started using it to promote the party.The other day, the media wing of Janasena went a step ahead and released the first magazine of the party, Shatagni to the readers of Andhra Pradesh.

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Each and every happened debate, programme and meeting details will be included in this magazine and it will be released for every 14 or 15 days. For those who miss out Janasena’s activities, they can find everything about the party’s past and future events in this fortnight’s release.This is a huge development with respect to Janasena which has been criticised for not having perfect direction in Politics. Senior most political critics state that Pawan is building a perfect Political party which would last for decades. Cleary one can see the exceptional contrast between PRP and Janasena.

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