Janasena To Get 10TV’s Support?

Janasena To Get 10TV’s Support

The newest party of Andhra Pradesh, Janasena is still lacking the much-needed support from media. However, the party is keen on getting some solid support from one of the existing Telugu channels.Janasena despite having no media nor a newspaper, it is surviving only on the charisma of Pawan. For now, his craze is enough but to fetch votes, a channel is compulsory to dwell in remote villages. TV is one such powerful medium to get maximum popularity as a maximum percentage of voters to watch TV and news channels. Earlier, it was heavily speculated that some supporters and investors in Janasena party fund are keen on setting up a news channel called JTV to promote the party.

Meanwhile, some channels like AP 24*7, 10 TV etc are carrying positive reports on Janasena for some obvious reasons along with NTV. Among these, the channel 10TV is rumored to come up to support Janasena. The investors who thought of floating JTV decided to divert their funds to 10Tv as setting up a new media house is expensive than funding an existed one. So in the future, political analysts declare that 10TV might become the official channel for Janasena in the election campaign.Apart from this channel, the wide fan base of Pawan Kalyan is gearing up to utilize the social media platforms to promote Janasena’s ideologies to create maximum impact prior to the elections. Their target is to have a double-digit figure in Assembly to become the King Makers.


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