Lagadapati Extended His Support To CM Ramesh

Lagadapati Extended Support To CM Ramesh

It is a known thing that the TDP MP CM Ramesh has been fasting indefinitely for the last ten days to achieve Steel Plant for Kadapa. Many politicians and his good friends are meeting him and supporting this AP TDP leader for his efforts.On this note, his good friend cum ex-Congress MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal paid a visit to Ramesh’s fasting place and had a word or two with him. After spending some time to extend his support, Lagadapati interacted with media. Despite coming from the rival party of Congress, this ex-Minister declared that CM Ramesh is his good friend and they jointly protested for United AP during the Telangana Movement.

Praising the efforts of CM Ramesh, this Vijayawada ex MP declared that CM Ramesh’s protest would fetch results to AP, especially to the region of Rayalaseema which is still having the trouble of being a backward region in the State. According to this senior most ex Politician, the Centre is feeling the pressure and it should give away the Steel Plant in the upcoming days.Day by day Ramesh is getting the support of his colleagues and from other party leaders. His fasting entered the 12th day and doctors declared that his Kidneys are not working well. The Centre which is calmly observing this may likely to announce the promised Steel Plant for Rayalaseema. The AP CM Babu is yet to visit his party MP and he is likely to meet Ramesh in a couple of days.


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