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HomelatestJanasena To Stop Funding 99TV Amidst Criticism?

Janasena To Stop Funding 99TV Amidst Criticism?

Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party has almost owned the news channel 99TV and the media is trying its best to promote the new party to reach for the AP voters. Despite this development, Pawan Kalyan was speculated to leave the channel for many reasons.The CPI funded 99TV suffered heavy losses was taken over by the Janasena’s general secretary Thota Narasimham, the former IAS and co-owner of Aditya group of constructions.

janasena pawan stop 99TV

He along with his brother bought the channel along with its infrastructure and appointed new staff to run the channel. Since then, Jansena got its own media channel to promote the party on TV and on the Youtube via 99TV channel and its app on the Play store. Needless to say, the TRPs of this channel went to a new high and staff are more than happy looking at their yet to be achieved new heights in the future. In this happy phase, Pawan Kalyan and Thota decided to leave the channel to reduce the criticism. According to the inner circles of Janasena, Pawan asked his core team to give away the channel to someone as his rivals are alleging him of misusing the media.

janasenaHowever, Thota gives another reason for this act. He says that he bought the channel for fewer stakes but as the days are passing, it has become difficult to fund the whole channel by the party which has no solid assets, unlike TDP or Sakshi. Whatever might be the reason, Janasena is losing one of its main channels to promote the party’s developments leaving the future of 99TV in suspense. Currently, Thota is waiting for some businessman who shows interest to buy over the channel.

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