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Don’t Test My Patience: Janasenani Warns Chintamaneni

The whole state of AP witnessed the vintage Pawan Kalyan’s furious form as he warns the TDP Government and Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar regarding their atrocities. As promised to the victims of Chintamaneni, the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan yesterday landed in Denduluru to have a public meeting against the sitting MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar. In his speech, he thrashed the MLA and his followers for taking the law into their own hands. Pawan Kalyan went all high after he came to know that the followers of Chintamaneni called the Janasena meeting organisers and warned them to cancel the meet. This daring and dashing Politician, known for his furious speeches declared that he will thrash the MLA along with his mates if they test his patience.

Pawan kalyan

Pawan stated that he couldn’t understand how AP CM gave the Chief whip post to such a rowdy like Prabhakar who has many cases already. Asking the CM to take a necessary action against Denduluru MLA, Janasenani declared that people would take law into their own hands if the TDP Government fails to control him. Pawan assured his followers by claiming that he will stay patient to some extent but if he crosses the line, this CPF’s founder will go all Mayhem and thrash the MLA. He warned the local leader’s camp not to take his silence for granted as if he orders, the Janasainikas will destroy the Yellow camp in Denduluru. Pawan’s speech ended up with a strong message to the TDP prior to the general elections.

TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar

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