Janasena’s Candidate To Make Difference In Guntur Politics

Janasena’s Candidate To Make Difference In Guntur Politics

The ruling party TDP is alleging that the Opposition party YSRCP has made a secret pact with the National party BJP. TDP got a very hard point to prove this allegation and the details of this point as follows

ysrcp and bjp
According to the talk of the AP Politics, YSRCP and BJP both are looking forward to dethroning Naidu from the CM Chair for many reasons. On that note, even though they would contest individually in the upcoming elections of 2019, they have speculated to have a secret deal. Because, to ensure the win of BJP candidate Kanna Lakshmi Narayana in Guntur West, YSRCP instead of competing his strong candidate Lella Appi Reddy, Jagan gave the ticket to a weak candidate Yesuratnam, who is a former Police Officer. With this, it is very much confirmed that YSRCP and BJP are working as a secret team.

Kanna Lakshmi Narayana

Here comes the actual plot twist. As YSRCP is indirectly favouring BJP’s candidate, now Janasena needs to prove its sincerity by giving the Guntur West ticket to a considerably strong candidate if it needs to move away from TDP’s allegation mud. Had if Janasena too floats a weak candidate for any reason, then TDP for sure would blame Janasena too had a secret deal with BJP to make Kanna win at any cost over TDP.


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