Janasena’s situation similar to PRP in those regions

Janasena’s situation similar to PRP in those regions

Janasena Chief is creating a storm in the Coastal Andhra districts with his craze and gaining huge popularity among the voters. A close look at the other regions of Bifurcated AP tells us where Janasena stand among all the political parties.

Janasena Influencing Only Seven Districts of AP

No doubt the Chief of this party, Pawan Kalyan enjoys enormous buzz among the youth and masses in the coastal districts. Along with his craze, his caste factor too added more mileage to this actor turned Politician in these districts. Janasenani completely utilized this craze and toured Uttarandhra and now Godavari Districts to pump up the spirit of Janasainikas. Soon, he will finish the districts of Krishna and Guntur to finish the crucial phase of his Porata Yatra. If we zoom out and see Janasena all over the AP, the party has reached in only seven districts ( Uttarandhra-4, Godavari-2, Krishna, and Guntur) and he is yet to campaign in the regions of Rayalaseema.

Pawan Kalyan And cherajeevi

Pawan himself declared that he would contest from the least developed place of AP, Anantapur in the year 2016 and he gathered huge followers over there. Since then, there had been no development of Janasena neither in Anantapur nor in any region of Rayalaseema including Nellore. If we could recollect the year 2009, Chiranjeevi’s PRP happened to be in the same situation. One has to wait and see if Pawan has better ideas in store to woo the Rayalaseema as much as Uttarandhra or he just decided to bank on above mentioned seven districts.


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