Japan politician’s son arrested over stabbing


A woman was stabbed in Nakano City, Japan

A stabbing and shooting incident occurred in Nagano prefecture, Japan, resulting in the deaths of four individuals. The suspect, identified as Masanori Aoki, is a 31-year-old man and the son of a local Nakano city assembly speaker.

The incident began when a woman was stabbed in Nakano City, prompting a call to the police. Two officers who arrived at the scene were shot and killed. The suspect fled and later took refuge in his father’s residence, where he barricaded himself for several hours.

politician's son
son of a local Nakano city assembly speaker

On the following morning, it was confirmed that an elderly woman also died at the scene. The motive behind the attack is currently unknown. Japan has a low incidence of gun violence, making such incidents rare in the country.

The last shooting involving multiple police officers occurred in 1990, and the overall number of gun-related deaths in Japan is significantly lower compared to the United States.

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