YSRCP Irked With JD Joining In Lok Satta

YSRCP Irked With JD Joining In Lok Satta

It is a known thing that the ex CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana has now become the new President of JP’s Lok Satta. This new bureaucrat will now lead this party in the two Telugu States. With JD’s move, YSRCP is said to be feeling unrest due to many reasons. If there is any party which dislikes JD and his Political entry, it is YSRCP lead by their Supreme Jagan.

The arrest of Jagan by JD and his team is still unable to digest for many of YSRCP leaders. Such enemy of YSRCP has now joined the Lok Satta which is said to be another vote bank destroyer of this Opposition party. Post JD’s join in Lok Satta, the YSRCP spokesperson arranged a Press meet to launch an attack on this former IAS.

Ambati Rambabu dared to declare that JD

Ambati Rambabu dared to declare that JD despite working for people had entered the Politics only to destroy YSRCP. He went further and stated that It is CBN who planted JD in Lok Satta to eat away the TDP’s anti-incumbency votes to dent the vote bank of YSRCP.Political analysts feel that the YSRCP has started fearing JD’s entry into Politics. He is the only one who knows A to Z details of all Jagan’s cases. Before JD’s allegations, clever YSRCP launched the verbal war opines Political lovers.


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