Modi To The Rescue Of Telangana BJP For Snap Polls

Modi To The Rescue Of Telangana BJP For Snap Polls

The Telangana Politics have become two-sided as the two sides TRS and Mahakutami are considered as the finalists for the snap polls. The National party BJP which is almost sidelined by both people and media is now preparing a strategy to bounce back into the buzz with one go. A look at the Saffron party’s climax campaign explains everything.BJP leaders tried their best to gain a hold on the Telangana Politics by planning to have a pact with the TRS.

CM if it wins the snap polls

Finally, it decided to go all alone and contest from all the constituencies. To woo the Hindu voters, BJP roped in Swami Paripoornananda and gave him a seat declaring that it might make Swami the CM if it wins the snap polls. To bring up the buzz, the BJP Chief Amit Shah too participated in a couple of Public meetings and launched an attack on TRS leaders.Now that there are just ten days to the D-day, the BJP is bringing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bag as many seats as they can.

Modi will be campaigning for BJP

As a climax twist, Modi will be campaigning for BJP on 3rd of December in the regions of Nizamabad and Mahabubnagar to attract voters with his charm and offers. By that time, other Political parties would have finished their campaigns so that BJP can register their last thought on the minds of T-voters. BJP leaders are hoping big on their PM Modi for the early polls. One has to wait and see if Modi can re-create his wave in Telangana or not.


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