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Johnny Depp Character Was Inspired By Lord Krishna

Have you ever think that one of the iconic characters in the history of Hollywood “Jack Sparrow” inspired by Mahabharata’s Lord Krishna Character? Yes, It Is. The screenwriters of the Caribbean series, Ted Elliott, drew inspired from Lord Krishna who is a very much loved divinity in Hinduism “Jack Sparrow’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean is a standout amongst the most important roles of the film series. The characterization of Sparrow depends on Lord Krishna who is a noteworthy divinity in Hinduism. While writing the character draw of Jack Sparrow, we alluded to the depiction of Lord Krishna, different shades of the Almighty, which helped us a ton in making the entire character of Jack Sparrow into reality”.

Jack and Krishna are known for escaping dubious

Both Jack and Krishna are known for escaping dubious circumstances utilizing clever words as opposed to utilizing physical power. In the film, Jack is seen squirming himself out of the hardest of circumstances with just his mind. Contrasting this with the Hindu folklore, Lord Krishna is also said to have utilized his words to escape a pickle. The two have utilized mind to escape a circumstance yet when looked with death, they have been seen re-incarnated. Like in Dead Man’s Chest, at last, Jack is disregarded on the ship to give others a fighting opportunity to get away. The last we see of Jack is battling the Kraken, however, he is alive in the following film, At World’s End. Thus, Lord Krishna is said to have ten avatars. Jack Sparrow character loved by a man, whenever people saw Jhonny deep in Jack Sparrow attire they will gaga over it.

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