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Sathyaraj Comments On Vijay Devarakonda Tamil Dubbing

Vijay Devearkonda is making his debut in Tamil industry with NOTA film. We know that NOTA is a bilingual film and releasing in Telugu and Tamil on October 5th. Actually, other languages dubbing is somewhat difficult. Vijay doesn’t know Tamil, but he used his original voice to Nota Tamil version. Moreover, he has recently given a speech in Tamil in Tamilnadu at the movie promoting event. So, the Tamil actors are praising him for his dedication and interest in dubbing. Senior actor our Kattappa Satya Raj has also appreciated Vijay for his Tamil dubbing.

Sathyaraj Comments On Vijay Devarakonda Tamil Dubbing

In the wake of the event, Satya Raj has said about Vijay, “In Shankar direction, I did Nanban film in Tamil. However, that movie dubbed also in Telugu as Snehithudu. So, Shankar asked me to give own voice in Telugu version. As well as, I c0ompleted some scenes with my own voice. But, after some time a Telugu dubbing artist came to me and said that ‘Sir, your Telugu is not good and your Telugu slang is not correct’. Then, I realized that dubbing in other languages is a very tough job.”

He added: “But, in Nota movie Vijay has two pages of dialogues in a scene. I felt that he will be suffered from it. But, he suprprised me and delivered the dialogue with the perfect slang. So, this is the indication for his success and his passion for getting an identity in other state was really appreciable.” So, lets wait for Tamil people judgement over Vijay’s Tamil dubbing. Strangely, Tamil people are also eagerly waiting for Nota film as well as Telugu people.

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