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HomelatestJP’s take on Union Budget-2018: Thought Provoking

JP’s take on Union Budget-2018: Thought Provoking

JP’s take on Union Budget-2018

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At one side, all the ruling and opposition party leaders are slinging mud on the center for its poor Union Budget, the Lok Satta founder president Jaya Prakash Narayana has got an ok view on it. He says that the budget is not bad at the same time it is not best as well. His brief take on the budget as follows:

JP is known for his detail and authentic reports on any topic regarding government administration is a huge fan of providing basic commodities like Education, health, and subsidies to the poor and middle classes. Thus, he calls the released Union Budget as Satisfactory. He backed his statements by saying that NDA government has done a superb thing by allocating 5 lakhs for medical expenses to every family. On the same note, he advised the center to let every family to choose their family doctor and strive for better infrastructure in rural hospitals.

He asks people if there is any wrong in waving off income tax for one lakh earnings as he feels stock markets would gain which increases the value of rupee. This former IAS lauded the NDA government for its grants to develop Educational and Transport services like Buses and Railway Stations. JP reminded that half of the total union budget that is 12 lakhs crores from 24 lakh crores are allocated to states rather than developing the center and government institutions. He termed it as the best thing NDA can do compared to disastrous UPA government. JP has a big issue with the law abiding rule and says BJP would have given a sensible grant for it.

Reacting to the backlash of A.P MPs and MLAs on the Union Budget, JP declares them as opportunistic leaders. He educated some by claiming that state grants shall not be granted in budget sessions but the center has every right to take decisions on state grants. His option on the Union Budget-2018 is commendable.

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