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HomelatestNo doubt that Kaapu leader is shameless

No doubt that Kaapu leader is shameless

Kaapu leader Mudragada is shameless

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Mudhragada Padmanabham who lead the Kaapu community movement always sought out opportunities to criticize and lash out Chandrababu Naidu whenever and wherever possible. Everyone knows about the multiple sessions conducted in Late director’s Dasari Narayana Rao house that saw Mudhragada, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Congress leader Pallamraju, YSRCP leader Ambati Rambabu setting deadlines over the Kaapu reservation movement to the CM.

Mudhragada also stated that he would prostrate at the feet of Chandrababu Naidu (padhaabhi – vandanam) if the latter grants Kaapu Reservation and special quota. After the CM announced that Kaapu community will be included in the OBC list with exclusive reservation of 5%, everyone in the Kaapu community expressed their gratitude towards the CM.  Kaapu leader Mudragada is shameless

But shockingly, no leader from Kaapu Community who carried widespread protests against the Govt. during the movement, approached the CM personally to thank him. It is really pathetic on behalf of these Kaapu leaders, who don’t value or respect someone who has done so much for their community.

It would have been possible to discuss the ‘special quote reservation’ inclusion in the Schedule 9 of the Indian Constitution. Instead of that, many people are still doubting Chandrababu Naidu who had made all the efforts to make the 3 decades dream of Kaapu community come true. It looks likes, YSRCP is behind everything.

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Mudragada never wanted ‘Kapu Reservation’ to ever happen!

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