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HomelatestMudragada never wanted ‘Kapu Reservation’ to ever happen!

Mudragada never wanted ‘Kapu Reservation’ to ever happen!

Mudragada never wanted ‘Kapu Reservation’ to ever happen!

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Yes. The recent happenings have given an impression that Mudragada Padmanabham, who was projected the leader of the Kapu Reservation movement never wanted Chandrababu to accept this demands. To further complicate the issue, Mudragada also demanded ‘special quota’ for the Kapu community to prevent Chandrababu from accepting his demands.

Knowing the real motives behind Mudragada’s demands, Chandrababu Naidu shocked everyone by not only announcing the inclusion of Kapu Community in OBCs list but also granting Kapu community an exclusive 5% reservation in education and employment sector.

This move left Mudragada high and dry. The Kapu leader aimed to attain political success using the Kapu movement. Factually speaking, Mudragada never wanted Chandrababu Babu to accept his demands. He only wanted to improve his political career and attain some mileage in the state politics. There was not even a hint of happiness found in the face of Mudragada after Chandrababu Naidu made the historic announcement.

Adding to this, speaking to the press recently, Mudragada tried to hold Chandrababu responsible for the inclusion of the ‘Kapu bill’ by the centre. Failing to do so, the Kapu leader tried to speak about his 2004 election campaign where he has claimed that he hardly spent money. Many analysts expressed that, Mudragada’s comments are to snub the ‘financial funding of YSRCP’ for his Kapu movement.

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