Kajal Agarwal’s Shocking Remuneration For Awe!

Kajal Agarwal Reveals Her Character In Awe
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Kajal Agarwal Reveals Her Character In Awe

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If you know about Kajal Agarwal’s shocking remuneration for Awe, you are bound to be shocked. There is no doubt that she is undeniably one of the top heroines in the Tollywood. Despite being a senior, the hot lady is still bagging some huge offers. Her recent film in Prashant Varma’s Awe impressed everyone. It felt as if no one could do justice to that role, other than Kajal.

Reportedly, even the actress is aware of the same fact. She only shot for 5 days for the film. Though her screen time is less, it is her role that becomes the focal point of the entire film. For the same factor, the actress charged a bomb. Close sources to Nani’s production house confirmed that Kajal walked away with Rs 50 Lakhs. Yes, what you read is absolutely true.

Her presence in the film, and the way she essayed the role gave, built curiosity and hype around the film. No wonder she charged Rs 50 Lakhs, given the stupendous success of the film, and her character in particular.

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