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Kanche And Kancaharapalem For “Manu”

Manu, a short film director’s first feature film. His passion for cinema, his dedication towards cinema, his hard work for cinema, and his thoughts about cinema came true with this movie. But, with this chance, he wants to prove himself so he didn’t make a regular commercial film. He made a different thriller film with his short film heroine Chandini Chowdary and Brahmanandam’s son Gowtham. So many people contributed to this film by donating 1000 rupees to lakhs of rupees. Yes, this film not made with a producer’s money, it is by peoples’ faith in “Phanindra Narisetti”. A talent grabs the not only looks also faith. It proved by Phanindra Narisetti.manu movie teamNow, for his film promotions, director Krish, Varun Tej, and C/O Kancaharapalem movie director Venkatesh Maha attended. It is a really good thing that C/O Kancharapalem director Venkatesh Maha movie also releasing on the same date 7th September which is “Manu” movie release date. In the wake of this situation, Venkatesh attending the Manu promotions was really healthy atmosphere among new directors. Of course, he is also a debut director so he knows a debut director’s will and hard work.
Though, in the event, Varun Tej, Krish, and Venkatesh said about the movie and gave wishes to Manu team. Varu Tej said: “Trailer was so good. Definitely, I will go to the movie on 7th September. Though, the main reason for my arrival today is Gowtham brother. We both grow together from childhood in the same colony. Brahmanandam uncle is one of my family members. I see his hard work to become a hero and still, he should work like that. Congrats for coming with this such a good movie. My curiosity has increased when I was watching its trailer and this type of movies coming rarely. Most of the films come and succeed with four fights and four songs but it is the different one. So, audiences, I wish you all encourage this film.”Manu movieThough, Krish said: “On September 7th, both Manu and C/O Kancharapalem movies will become great movies, I believe that. I feel, Gowtham did a great job in this film and it seems that he did hard work for this film. When I was watching this film trailer, I felt to make a movie like this. Every department in the film did honest work to make this film. I wish, the 112 donors will get a good success with this film.” Both movies are releasing on September 7th.

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