Sunday, February 5, 2023
HomelatestPragathi Nivedana Sabha And KCR Failed Utterly: Uttam Kumar

Pragathi Nivedana Sabha And KCR Failed Utterly: Uttam Kumar

The TPCC head Uttam Kumar slung mud on his Political rival KCR. From Chief Minister KCR’s Government to the yesterday held Pragathi Nivedana Sabha, Uttam utilising every point to counter the TRS Chief.Chief Minister KCR’s GovernmentYesterday the grant event of TRS, Pragathi Nivedana Sabha has been organised with huge gathering. KCR poured water on everything by not dissolving his Assembly on the stage not he announced any exciting schemes to the voters. The Opposition Congress took this advantage to gain some upper hand on the ruling party TRS. In today’s Press meet, Uttam Kumar Reddy declared that the Sabha is a complete flop. Terming the Pragathi Nivedana Sabha as Prajala Avedhana Sabha, Uttam stated that the meeting only showcased KCR’s corruption in organising such costly stage.Chief Minister KCR’s GovernmentNot stopping there, the Congress state head declared that the voters have just witnessed the inability of their current CM KCR and his leadership so that they would vote against the Pink party. The front-runner for TPCC’s CM candidate claimed that KCR speech lacked fire and failed to attract the masses. Uttam concluded his speech with the phrase “ KCR hatao, Telangana Bachao” which is in the similar lines of Janasenani’s 2014’s “ Congress Hatao, Desh Bachao”.

Telangana Congress senior leadersTelangana Congress senior leaders like Jaipal Reddy, V.Hanumantha Rao, Jana Reddy, Bhatti Vikramarka etc added their voices in Uttam’s attack on the KCR. What Uttam reiterated is indeed true that the followers of TRS are in dire shock on this meeting which has no highlights to consider.

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