Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestKanche Ilayya Files Complaint on Arya Vyshyas

Kanche Ilayya Files Complaint on Arya Vyshyas

Kanche Ilayya Files Complaint on Arya Vyshyas

Kanche Ilayya who will criticize Hindus and Brahmins every time came out by criticizing Arya Vyshyas and became sensational. There are criticisms against Kanche Ilayya in social media. Vaishyas are conducting protests everywhere in all the towns. Kanche Ilayya being a Professor, a social writer, is also a member of the intellectual community. His books have also been translated into some other languages. His book Y I am not a Hindu is translated in English and awarded as a National level book.

He has a huge amount of opposition from some categories regarding Hindus. Some sections of Hindus and Arya Vyshyas protest for his writings against Brahmanism. Brahmin groups have repeatedly protested against his attitude. Protests are being held In the Facebook, Whatsapp against Kanche Ilayya.

People are sharing Knache Ilayya number in Whats app groups. Some have already called him and have been screaming. It seems that Kanche Ilayya had switched his phone off. However, Vyshyas are looking forward to abusing messages and phone calls. It seems that Ilayya had consulted the police regarding this issue. Aiyayya alleges that they are making scenes on the book which was published earlier.

He explained that the book has been written to explain the culture of caste. In Telugu, we call as Komatlu and in English, Baniya was written. He recalled that BJP president Amit Shah called Gandhiji as Chaturbania (wise man). Ilayya alleges that Banias also participated in untouchability in the villages in the rural business system.

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