Upendra To Start The 2nd political party!

Kannada Actor Upendra Announces New political party

Kannada Actor Upendra Announces New political party

Posted March 6, 2018, 7:15 pm at 19:15

Kannada Super Star Upendra is quite famous for his diverse and intense roles in his films. He is a complete multi-talented individual when it comes to filmmaking. With a motive to do good to the society, the actor stepped into politics recently. He founded the ‘Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha’ last year.

Upendra was highly vocal against corruption and promised that he would end corruption once he comes to power. He gave key party positions to his wife and his brother.This led to disputes within the party. The party members started falling out against each other in the public domain. In this context, Upendra announced that he would quit the party, and make a key announcement today evening.

Many speculated that Upendra is heading towards BJP, and will likely join the party, especially in lieu of the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. In his latest tweet, he confirmed that he wouldn’t be joining BJP, instead, he will come up with a new party very soon.

This not only shocked the common man, even fans are clueless about their hero’s political approach. It is really surprising to see the fate of Upendra in Karnataka state politics. Many political analysts believe that Upendra is ready to face ‘humiliation’ in the upcoming polls.

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