Kathi Pays The Price For His Comments Against Lord Rama

Kathi Mahesh Expelled From Hyderabad

Controversial critic Kathi Mahesh who made some derogatory comments against the Hinduism and God Lord Rama got fixed in a groove. He finally pays price for belittling the faiths and beliefs of millions of Hindu followers. A couple of days ago, Kathi Mahesh in a debate made his mark’s remarks on Hindu Gods, in the name of free speech and constitutional rights of expression, Mahesh declared that Lord Rama is against the Dalits. Deeply hurt by his comments, many Hindu leaders and Gurus fought for the arrest of Kathi Mahesh or else they warned to alter the Law and Order. After a deep inquiry, Police arrested Kathi Mahesh and took him to custody for house arresting him.

As the followers of Swami Paripoornananda planned to surround Kathi Mahesh’s house, Police decided to impose a ban on Kathi Mahesh from the city of Hyderabad.They escorted him out of the city and dropped him at the outskirts asking him not to enter until the ban is lifted. Also, the Cops warned him not to enter as it will be a risk for the Law and Order problem in the city.Many Hindu followers across the two Telugu states expressed their joy on this act. Many Political leaders and Gurus along with common people anguished their hatred on Kathi Mahesh like never before. One has to wait and see how Kathi Mahesh reacts to this entire issue.


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