Tuesday, July 27, 2021
HomelatestTRS And TDP Colliding Head To Head At Khammam

TRS And TDP Colliding Head To Head At Khammam

In Politics, some constituencies are considered a luck factor and some as a matter of prestige issue. For such places, the parties never hesitate to do anything and move heavens to grab that seat at any cost. In Telangana, Khammam has become one of such constituencies where both TRS and Prajakutami are fighting neck to neck to win it.The TRS candidate Ajay Kumar Puvvada is contesting against the TDP candidate Nama Nageswar Rao in Khammam for the snap polls. Ajay who is the current sitting MLA of Khammam actually defected from Congress to TRS in 2014 elections and turned most loyal to the Pink party.For his dedication, KCR himself came all the way to Khammam and campaigned on behalf of Ajay Kumar.

On the flip side, the ex-MP Nama Nageswar Rao is trying his luck as a Legislator under the TDP ticket. Along with his boss CBN, the Prajakutami leaders Rahul Gandhi and CPI leaders got together on one stage and promoted Nama to win the seat. With this huge campaigns, both the party leaders and core workers at booth level are working doubly hard to make their candidates win.Comparatively, Nama has better chances than Ajay due to the fact that other local leader Renuka Chowdary and her followers are now part of Mahakutami. So it is obvious that the maximum vote bank favors Nama than Ajay opines the observers.

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