KCR’s Inappropriate Behavior With A Muslim Youth Gone Viral

Chief Minister KCR

The Telangana caretaker Chief Minister KCR made news with his indecent behaviour in his recent Public meeting held at the constituency of Kagaznagar. More details of this sensational piece of news as follows.TRS Chief addressed his party workers to boost them up for the upcoming snap polls. It is then a young Muslim man shouted at the CM about 12% reservation to the Minorities in Telangana. Irked CM shouted at that questioner to stop talking and sit down immediately.As the Minority man continued to press the speaker, KCR lost his cool and stated that he will talk to the Muslim youth’s father later about this matter.

KCR dared to declare that the Oppositio

As this happened issue is not enough, KCR dared to declare that the Opposition parties have sent a drunk man into the meeting of TRS as a part of their conspiracy. To everyone’s surprise, KCR claimed that it is due to such drunkards who sell their vote for a liquor bottle and Biryani packet, Politics have gone dirty.His own TRS supporters are astonished by this KCR’s reckless acts in Public. Condemning this behavior of TRS Chief, Oppositions and maximum voters of Telangana are objecting the CM’s acts towards a Minority. Political analysts only declare that KCR himself is degrading his own popularity.


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