Tuesday, May 17, 2022
HomelatestKCR Bypass Land Mafia Issue To Drug Case

KCR Bypass Land Mafia Issue To Drug Case

KCR Intelligence Ideas

KCR Intelligence Ideas: Telangana CM KCR, land occupancy in Hyderabad has never been exposed to history. the land mafia that starts with Miyapur scam, Kukatpalli, Balanagar and some more cities. opposition parties celebrating while KCR facing problems. All party leaders were afraid to that state registration. Six sub-registers are arrested in Telangana. but the drug case has given comfort to the registration department. The pressure from registration department to CM Office.

At the same time, Drug case emerged. Telangana government office focus on the drug case issues.As part of this Strategy, the CM has given free hand to Akun Sabharwal and suggest to go deep in this case should not be withdrawn. if this case continues till the elections, the party leaders are giving feedback. media is also highlighting drug case. this means land scam is successfully misleading by Telangana government.

Pubs Involved In Drugs Case

SIT Interrogation Dates Of Stars

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