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KCR’s Special Tour To Impress Vote Bank Of Farmers

KCR Special Tour To Impress Vote Bank Of Farmers

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The Telangana CM KCR is all set to save the farmers of Telangana with his unique schemes. This TRS Supreme is designing an exclusive tour to know the problems of farming.KCR bagged a huge bad name in his first couple of ruling years when he failed to implement loan waivers for farmers. He faces some unwanted backlash from the villagers and his surveys too predicted that they are turning against the TRS Government.

With just less than one year to the General Assembly elections, this Party head has written new strategies to attract rural people and urban unemployed youth. Not less than a few weeks ago, this CM of newest State declared two mind-boggling schemes to the farmers. He announced 5000 of pension to each acre for farming and soon the Government will implement as many as 21 lakh acres in its first phase. Apart from this, each farmer will be insured up to 5 lakhs such that no family of farmers will be on roads anymore.

Now he directed his team to plan a special tour across the State of Telangana which starts from 15th of August to interact with farmers. Touring only villages, he along with his Ministers and MLAs will get to know the problems of farming directly to solve all their problems. From farmers hater to farming lover, KCR is changing his tag among the rural voters of Telangana. Also, his subordinates speculate that there are more amazing schemes yet to come for all the sections of the society in his pocket.

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