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HomelatestCBN Finally Gets The Support Of Ramoji Rao

CBN Finally Gets The Support Of Ramoji Rao

Ramoji Rao Supports Chandrababu Naidu Finally 

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Even though there are a bunch of channels to promote the ruling party TDP among the Telugu media, the Yellow camp is lacking the support of one good channel. Recent developments indicate that the TDP has finally got the backup of that particular Telugu media channel.The channel is none other than ETV2, the first and foremost channel to support and promote the TDP since the times of late NTR.

Its head Ramoji Rao who is said to be a very close associate of the TDP has been far from the party affairs for the last couple of years and the programmes in his channel are not so supportive to the TDP. Sources say that Ramoji’s special love towards BJP and KCR in Telangana are the reasons for his distance from the CBN. Yesterday, ETV2 aired a special programme on CBN and his ruling about his achievements in the happened 4 years of his term. Despite failing to get Special Status, all the developments done by the TDP Government are well put and explained by the media house. Editors and investigative journalists from this channel did their best work and compiled to give maximum promotion to the TDP.

With this, it can be confirmed that Ramoji Rao patched up with CBN and is going to support TDP in the upcoming elections.Meanwhile, the anti-TDP channels like Sakshi tried its best to project Naidu as a failed Chief Minister but the editors failed to have a clear explanation regarding their allegations. In this regard, only the party Janasena has no media backup whereas TDP and YSRCP have their own media houses.

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