Monday, February 6, 2023
HomelatestKCR’s Tall Claims On To National Media Reverts Back

KCR’s Tall Claims On To National Media Reverts Back

As the D-day is approaching fast, the ruling party is trying its best to get the maximum attention of the viewers. In its recent interview to a National media, KCR’s tall claims on his Government is now hit back at him like a boomerang. Going into the details, KCR who is all furious on the Indian Prime Minister Modi claimed that TRS’s Aarogyasri Scheme is triple times better than the PM’s third class National Health Scheme. Praising his own T-State’s Aarogyasri as the best the entire India, KCR declared that this scheme served many families across the State.

However, the reality reflects a contradicting fact against the TRS Chief’s statements.The TANHA which stands for the Telangana Networks of Hospitals Association declared that 3000 families which fall under BPL, Below Poverty Line were denied treatment in the newest State of India. As this is not enough, 1200 crores of pending bills sent to the Telangana Government are still uncleared by KCR’s cabinet.Analysts opine that a leader like KCR when making such claims to a National Media, that too targeting the Central Government should be double confident. Now this caretaker CM of Telangana is making news with his fake statements as his rivals are trending the real fact sheets.

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