KCR To Give Minister Posts To Women MLA’s In TRS


The TRS chief KCR seems to have taken a crucial decision for his upcoming cabinet expansion.KCR was highly criticized last time for not giving a single ministry post to any of the women MLA’s in the party. This time the party chief is no mood to give away to anyone to criticize him regarding the importance he is giving to the women MLA’s in TRS. For this KCR has decided to give the three MLA’s namely Padma Devender Reddy, Rekha Naik, and Sunitha some important posts in the cabinet.As per the latest reports, Padma Devender Reddy who has served as the speaker will be taken into the cabinet.

If the community is taken into consideration for the cabinet post, Rekha Naik has the chance as she comes from ST quota. The other MLA will be made as Parliament Secretary which is equal to the cabinet post.Cabinet expansion is likely to happen on 18th of this month and as per the reports we have, it is known that the cabinet will comprise of only eight ministers initially and it will be completed once the parliamentary elections are over. The Chief of the party is already working on whom shall be inducted to the cabinet and some surprises are also expected in the cabinet expansion. Have to wait and see who will get the cabinet berths this time.


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