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HomelatestKohli Sold His ‘Marriage-Photos’ Rights To International Agency?

Kohli Sold His ‘Marriage-Photos’ Rights To International Agency?

Kohli Sold His ‘Marriage-Photos’ Rights To International Agency?

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Kohli Sold His ‘Marriage-Photos’ Rights To International Agency?Is this the Reason behind the marriage denial drama?There is no denial, Virat Kohli is one of the best cricketers in the modern game of cricket. After the four legends, Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, and Laxman retired from International cricket, Virat Kohli became the pillar of India’s Batting lineup. Rumors about Kohli’s marriage with Bollywood beauty, Anushka Sharma made headlines on every tabloid. But the couple has been in a denial mode about their marriage.

virat kohli and anushka sharma

After some pictures of a priest traveling with Anushka Sharma and her family surfaced online, various media portals have been set on the blaze with posts, comments, tweets and shares about the cricketer-actress marriage affair. The marriage is rumored to take place in Italy, Europe. The PR of Virat Kohli arrogated that, Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma marriage is not taking place and the paparazzi should be away.

Virat Kohli and anushka

Many people close to International media houses and magazine publications are hinting about a deal between the couple and an International media agency. ‘They [Virat and Anushka] might have sold the exclusive digital rights [photos and video] of the marriage event to an International Media Agency. This is the reason they are keeping the whole marriage event undercards. Why would you require a priest, if not for a marriage? Will the couple take the priest’s help when they go out on a date? Certainly not.’ said a close source to a well-known media outlet.


Indian media has been receiving backlash from few sections of the society. A couple of media houses have gone to an extent of boycotting the coverage of the ‘rumored event’ if need be so. Meanwhile, other media houses are orbiting Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, and their PRs with crew and cameramen.

virat kohli anushka sharma

Shouldn’t the paparazzi restrain their interest to a point of limit? If Kohli wants to keep it a private matter, it should stay there. What are the hue and cry all about? Why so much speculation? Shouldn’t the media prioritize the substance of the news? It is not an international match that he wants to keep it a secret affair that we should chase after. It is his personal matter. Let’s once leave it at that. If the couple intends to announce their happy moment, they will share it with the world.

anushka kohli

Over the last so many months, we see the topic circulating so much about his impending marriage and a constant denial coming from their end as well. I personally believe, we better stop speculating on their marriage and focus on relevant, sensible and prominent topics pertaining to the development of our society, topics that outline the lifestyles of deprived societies in India, the current political affairs, educational and many other important aspects in our country.

Kohli Marriage-Photos

I am not denying there is no fan base to the Indian cricket team Captain, but too much of anything which does not bring any growth to the nation as a whole is just can be considered as an entertaining topic. Media should know when to run, for what to run and how much to run. Things will come out when they have to come out. Why the hue and cry? Is it really important? What’s the big deal if he is getting married to Anushka Sharma?

Kohli anushka Marriage Photos

One has to realize the fact, it’s the Indian supporters, Indian media and Indian press that have given Virat Kohli the stardom that he enjoys today. If people argue it is his sheer talent, let us not remind you the likes of Vinod Kambli, VVS Laxman, and Anil Kumble, who were at the top of their game, but not in the eyes of the Indian media.

kohli wedding

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