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Megastar Family warns Kathi Mahesh!

Megastar Family Serious warns Kathi Mahesh

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Film Critic, Katthi Mahesh has been in the limelight post his controversial comments on Power Star Pawan Kalyan. In a recent party meeting, Pawan Kalyan stated that he will not be sparing anyone who was responsible for the downfall and merging of Prajarajyam party into Congress. In the context, Katthi Mahesh demanded that Pawan Kalyan should respond on Allu Aravind who had played a crucial role in Prajarajyam party.’

Reacting to this, Bunny Vasu from the mega family camp was quick to react. It is learnt that Bunny Vasu has given a strong warning to Katthi Mahesh, and condemned him for his posts. He further alleged that Katthi Mahesh is trying to create a rift through his comments.

Bunny Vasu reportedly said that ‘Katthi Mahesh should restrict himself from making any kind of comments on Mega Family. No one will spare him if he tries to create a rift in the mega family. He shouldn’t forget that there is a limit to the patience of Mega Fans.’

Allu Aravind is often considered as God-father to Bunny Vasu. People are stating that Bunny Vasu entered the scene because Allu Aravind’s name was mentioned by Katthi Mahesh, and it has got nothing much to do with Katthi Mahesh comments on Pawan Kalyan.

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